Cover colors by Brad Simpson


A tale of blood, desperation, and loss.

The King in the West, hungry for land and power, has spread his influence across the horizon. His armies move with deliberation, marching across fractured city-states and murdering or enslaving all that stand in the way of his desire for sovereignty.

Only the most remote house still stands against this cruel oppressor - held by a twelve year old girl whose father and army have already fallen in battle against the western king. Unable to fight, the girl has been forced by her advisors to beg for peace through a marriage contract to a brutal knight in the service of the west.

And then a stranger rides into town...


Writer: Landry Q. Walker

Artist: Justin Greenwood

Colors: Eric Jones and Brad Simpson

Letters: Patrick Brosseau

Design: Keith Wood

Editor: Branwyn Bigglestone



Promo art colors by Brad Simpson