CAPE & COWL One Year Anniversary/Local Comic Shop Day by Justin Greenwood

I'm going to be hanging out at Cape & Cowl Comics in Oakland on Saturday, November 19th from 11am - 3pm, signing comics and doing sketches. They will have a bunch of guests there including talented folks like Ramon Villalobos, Dave Dwonch and Logan Faerber. I like this shop and would highly recommend it to friends looking for a great local shop.

There will be a raffle to benefit the ACLU with lots of prizes, including an original double page spread of the MCPD precinct the opens THE FUSE Volume 3. Come down and get the opportunity to win this and lots of great gifts.


Lots of us artists are contributing a print for the event- I'm using a Supergirl drawing from a recent Multiversity Comics event that was colored by my pal Brad Simpson. 

THE FUSE #23 IS ON SHELVES NOW by Justin Greenwood

Things got away from me last week but wanted to point out that THE FUSE #23 came out Wednesday and is currently available at your local comic shop now! Secrets start to come to light as we learn a lot about Ralph's backstory and where things go from here.

From the solicit:


Time for all the secrets to come out! Ralph comes clean, Klem uncovers the truth, and an old friend lends a hand... just in time for a terrorist attack to begin!

Writer: Antony Johnston

Artist: Justin Greenwood

Colors: Shari Chankhamma

Letters: Ryan Ferrier



THE FUSE #22 hits stands today! by Justin Greenwood

THE FUSE #22 is available today from @imagecomics and it’s a big one. Lots of answers here as we head into the finale of this arc.

From the solicit:

“Betrayal in the MCPD! Who’s in cuffs this time? Why are Klem and Bianca jumping in and out of molecule scanners? What are the terrorists REALLY planning? Like we’re going to tell you in the solicit!”

Writer: Antony Johnston (@antonyjohnston)

Artist: Justin Greenwood (@justingreenwood)

Colors: Shari Chankhamma (@shari)

Letters: Ryan Ferrier (@rferrier)

You can also check out original art for sale from this book on my site HERE.

THE FUSE #21 is on shelves now! by Justin Greenwood

Part 3 of Constant Orbital Revolutions in on shelves now from @imagecomics!

Tensions rise and things come to a head with this issue- maybe my favorite ending to date? Lots of big moments in this issue.

From the solicit: 

“With Leo in the hot seat, and Ralph nowhere to be found, Klem tears up the place to prove her son’s innocence. And the trail leads somewhere NOBODY was expecting!“

Writer: Antony Johnston @antonyjohnston

Artist: Justin Greenwood @justingreenwood

Colors: Shari Chankhamma @shari

Letters: Ryan Ferrier @rferrier

There is a preview up at Image Comics today if you want a look at the first few pages.

And you can check out original art for sale from this issue (and others) on my site. (WARNING: spoilers abound)


STUMPTOWN Vol. 4 is Now Available for Pre-Order! by Justin Greenwood

STUMPTOWN V4 is in November solicits from @onipress and can be ordered in advance with your local comic shop! The 152 page hardcover collects both The Case of a Cup of Joe and the single issue, mostly silent The Case of the Night That Wouldn’t End, along with a bunch of cool process sketches and a great roundtable discussion from Greg, Ryan and I.

Very excited to see this collected and hitting shelves in January. From the solicitation:

GREG RUCKA @ruckawriter  (W) • JUSTIN GREENWOOD @justingreenwood (A/CA) • RYAN HILL (C) • CRANK (L)

“Portland’s best private investigator Dex Parios is back, and this time, the case is a real grind. When she picks up a simple assignment to escort a package of highly-prized coffee beans, Dex has no idea that she’s stepping into the web of the Barista Mafia and eccentric billionaires with no compunction about using force to get the most coveted coffee around. And to top it all off, her sister is in town.”

THE FUSE #20 is on sale this week! by Justin Greenwood

Part Two of Constant Orbital Revolutions hit stands yesterday with THE FUSE #20 from @imagecomics

“Murder leads to terrorism, terrorism leads to hacking, hacking leads to, uh, terrorism again! And someone called “Viking”! And boy, this “Viking” person sure does look familiar…”

Writer: Antony Johnston (@antonyjohnston)

Artist: Justin Greenwood (@justingreenwood)

Colors: Shari Chankhamma (@shari)

Letters: Ryan Ferrier (@rferrier)

You can check out a preview up at Image Comics HERE.


Also, check out original art for sale from this issue on my site.

STUMPTOWN #10 hits stands today! by Justin Greenwood

THE CASE OF THE NIGHT THAT WOULDN’T END arrives in stores today from @onipress! It’s a standalone case, a one-in-done story following Dex on a late night stakeout. 

STUMPTOWN #10 is the first time in a long while where I got to draw a complete story in one issue and also a comic that is mostly silent, both things that make for a really satisfying, fun to draw issue.

Greg (@ruckawriter) absolutely killed it with this story, putting together one of my favorite scripts to date and Ryan brought a great, moody vibe with the colors as we watch Dex struggle to figure out who is doing what with whom.

Here are the first pages that ran in the preview circulating online:

CONSTANT ORBITAL REVOLUTIONS kicks off this week! by Justin Greenwood

THE FUSE returns this week with issue #19! The new arc Constant Orbital Revolutions starts and things for our two space locked homicide detectives will never be the same.

We’ve been asking a lot of questions in this series- get ready for some answers.

From the solicit:

Ralph’s mystery solved-at last?! Retirement beckons for Midway’s oldest, crankiest Homicide detective! Before Klem can hang up her space boots, there’s one final case to solve-and this one will hit closer to home for her secretive young partner Ralph than he’d like…

Writer: Antony Johnston (@antonyjohnston)

Artist: Justin Greenwood (@justingreenwood)

Colors: Shari Chankhamma (@shari)

Letters; Ryan Ferrier ( @rferrier)


Very excited for this arc to be underway. Check out a preview circulating here:

THE FUSE #21 is Now Available for Pre-Order! by Justin Greenwood

@imagecomics Solicitations for September 2016 are now available online and that includes THE FUSE #21

Just a reminder that you can still pre-order all three issues of the new arc that have been solicited with your local comic shop- even if FOC has past, you can let them know you want to be onboard for the new issues of Volume 4. 

It’s not too late to pre-order these issues and insure you will get them when they come out!

Here is the info for all three of the issues that are available for pre-order at this time. The new arc Constant Orbital Revolutions kicks off when THE FUSE #19 hits shelves on July 6th. @antonyjohnston has been killing it with this storyline, lots of fireworks for our favorite spacelocked homicide detectives.


STUMPTOWN #10: The Case of the Night That Wouldn’t End by Justin Greenwood

Monday is FOC for STUMPTOWN #10 from @onipress! The whole case is a single standalone issue and an easy jumping-on point for new readers, so let your local comic shop know that you want to reserve a copy and get on board.


“The Case of the Night That Wouldn’t End”-Dex is on a stakeout through a long night. Nothing is ever easy.

Writer: Greg Rucka (@ruckawriter)

Artist: Justin Greenwood (@justingreenwood)

Colors: Ryan Hill

Letters: Crank!

Very proud of this issue, looking forward to folks getting the next installment of STUMPTOWN soon.

HEROESCON 2016! by Justin Greenwood

I’ll be headed to Charlotte, NC this weekend for HEROESCON! (@heroesonline) I’ve been hearing about how great this show is for years so really excited to get down there and check it out for myself.

You can find me at Table AA-1123 in Indie Island. Looking forward to talking comics with y’all.

I’ll also be on a panel on Sunday at 12:00pm talking about CRIME with JOHN LEES, RICH TOMMASO, CHRISTOPHER SEBELLA and IBRAHIM MOUSTAFA in Room 207CD.

Expect to see a lot of original art and sketches, alongside all of my most recently released work including THE FUSE (Volumes 1-3), STRINGERS and the collected STUMPTOWN V3 Hardcover.

THE FUSE V3 Original Art For Sale! by Justin Greenwood

In honor of the recent release of THE FUSE Vol.3: Perihelion, a bunch of new art is up for sale on my site! I typically pick a handful of my favorite pages and covers, but feel free to use the contact page if you are looking for something specific. 

Check out the full selection HERE.

FUSE pages will be on sale for the next month, until the selection is changed out with new work. Check out a few of them below:

THE FUSE Vol. 3: Perihelion is on shelves this week! by Justin Greenwood

PERIHELION is upon us! THE FUSE Volume 3 from @imagecomic hits stands Wednesday, collecting issues #13-18 and more tension than you can shake a stick at. 

The arc was big, both in scope and cast, and we had an awesome time working on it. Also, this volume includes the collected FUSE tale TABLOID by Ian Mayor, Mack Chater (@myvelocitysings), Abby Ryder and our very own Ryan Ferrier.

From the solicit:

A DAY OF CHAOS — 22,000 MILES UP! “Perihelion,” the day when the Fuse space station is closest to the Sun, has arrived. For the next 24 hours, Ristovych and Dietrich struggle to deal as the orbiting city’s population goes a little nuts! Escaped convicts, crazed gunmen, anarchist protesters, attempts on the Mayor’s life… oh yeah, and two new homicide cases to boot. 

Writer: @antonyjohnston

Artist: @justingreenwood

Colors: @shari

Letters: @rferrier

You can check out selected original art from this book on sale on my website HERE.

IMAGE+ LAUNCH PARTY by Justin Greenwood

Va iamdavidbrothers:

Image Comics is putting out a brand new magazine, Image+, and we’re featuring local Oakland comic shop Cape & Cowl Comics in the first issue! 

Please do come to the launch event and bring your friends! Event details here: It’s at 1601 Clay St, Oakland, just off 19th St BART.

Celebrating with us at this special Cape & Cowl event on Wednesday, April 27 will be special guests:
Nick Dragotta (East of West)
Jimmie Robinson (Power Lines, Five Weapons, Bomb Queen)
Justin Greenwood (The Fuse)
Brad Simpson (Sex)
These guys will be hanging out, signing, and doing quick sketches for as long as their hands can take it!

You can also look forward to:
A cash bar!
El Super Taco Man truck!
A professional photographer to take pics
Thank you for supporting creator-owned comics and a local comic shop—hope to see you there!

If you are in The Bay and you love comics, this will be the place to be. Super hype for this event.


STRINGERS Vol.1 TP is on sale this week! by Justin Greenwood

The wait is over- the collected STRINGERS is on shelves this week from @onipres!

Long in development, this OGN was to be my first original creator-owned book after joining @marcguggenhei on RESURRECTION, and it’s it will always be a project that is close to my heart. It’s an undeniably fun ride that we had an fantastic time working on, and I’m finding that having it finished and available for sale is a very personally gratifying experience.

To quote Marc in the intro: “Ten years is a long time to give birth to an idea. Here’s hoping you tihnk our baby’s cute.”

Click here for solicit info.

In honor of the release, here are some of the original cover ideas we had kicked around before settling on the above finished dressing. I was really interested in designing something sparse, with a feeling of a very focussed, kinetic energy.

The first couple batches in white were the original ideas, but after collaborating with the group, we landed on a more graphic but illustrative version on black. We all really liked the sense of seeing the image through an implied camera window, and wanted to see both our characters and some of the action in the book. This final version seemed like a good pairing of the two, and @onipres designer Hilary Thompson really killed it on the final book design.

EMERALD CITY COMIC CON 2016 by Justin Greenwood

That time is upon us! @emeraldcitycomico is nearly upon us and I will be there again this year at table L-15 with new books and tons of original art. I always look forward to this convention, really excited to mix it up with folks and talk comics.

I have two signings this year:

Thursday at 4:00 pm: Image Comics (Booth 316)

Saturday at 5:00 pm: Oni Press (Booth 216) 


I will have advance copies of the STRINGERS TPB for sale at my table! They don’t go on sale until the following Wednesday so drop by and get yours EARLY. I am completely bowled over by how nice they turned out, looking forward to getting them out there in the wild.

Other material available this year: THE FUSE Vol.1 & Vol. 2 and the STUMPTOWN Vol. 3 HC (which wasn’t available last year at ECCC due to a shipping issue). I’m also bringing a slew of original art, sketches, and a handful of prints. If you are looking for something specific, hit me up in advance HERE.



THE GREMLIN QUARTERLY! by Justin Greenwood

Super proud of my pal @teppeiando for putting together a brand new public comix collective called THE GREMLIN! It’s a free quarterly publication, with comics of all kinds collected into one cool magazine.

Check out the one I did for it below:

You can find this comic and many others collected in THE GREMLIN QUARTERLY at one of these fine establishments in the LA area:

Skylight Books
Giant Robot
Origami Vinyl
Stories Books & Cafe
Ooga Booga
Mono Records
Secret Headquarters
Vacation Vinyl
Permanent Records
Atomic Records
Freakbeat Records

THE FUSE #18 and STUMPTOWN #9 on shelves today! by Justin Greenwood

Two new books out today, both of which are conclusions to really exciting storylines:

THE FUSE #18 from @imagecomics

“Midnight approaches, and the Day of Chaos is almost over. But before the chimes ring out, there’s the small matter of two murders still to solve…!”

Writer: Antony Johnston (@antonyjohnston)

Artist: Justin Greenwood (@justingreenwood)

Colors: Shari Chankhamma (@shari)

Letters: Ryan Ferrier (@rferrier)


STUMPTOWN #9 from @onipress

“The Barista Mafia makes their move as Dex plays “which bean is which” with two over-caffeinated billionaires. The stakes? Over $100K in gold coins… and bragging rights for Portland’s Best Coffee.”

Writer: Greg Rucka (@ruckawriter)

Artist: Justin Greenwood (@justingreenwood)

Colors: Ryan Hill

Letters: Crank!


Very proud of both these books and excited for folks to check them out.

You can check out selected original art from these books on sale on my website HERE.

As always, thanks for reading.