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Today onipress Stumptown #2 hit shelves. To mark its release, I interviewed ruckawriter and artist justingreenwood for cbr. Above are two pages from the issue included in the interview and below are excerpts from the creators’ larger discussion on the value of collaboration.

GreenwoodIt was equally as intimidating to submit my first round of page comps to Greg because I think there is something very personal in how you tell a story and if it doesn’t click with your collaborator, the project is going to be an uphill battle for the duration. And especially one like “Stumptown” (and specifically this arc), as it feels very genuine and personal. Thankfully we share that sensibility and it’s made working with Greg very easy, and in turn empowered me to be comfortable telling the story however I see it.

Rucka: …But, to be perfectly honest, it’s as much to me about finding a creative partner as it is about someone who can tell the story. The latter is crucial, of course, but it was clear to me from the get-go that Justin was a smart, engaged creator, that he would bring himself to the book, that he would engage, that he would participate and push for what he wanted, for what he thought would work. I crave that. I don’t want to be in a vacuum, you know? This is a collaborative medium, as I have said again and again and again to anyone who will listen. That Justin is talented is a given. That he is a talented collaborator, that was what sealed the deal.”

We also discussed the how vital colorist 

Big thanks to Tim O'Shea ( comicswithtim) for his recent interview with Greg (ruckawriter) and me for Comic Book Resources, waxing poetic about the new arc of STUMPTOWN! You can check out a few excerpts on Tim’s tumblr post above, or read the complete interview HERE.

And if you wanna get a peak at STUMPTOWN #2, you can catch a preview that went up at CBR today HERE.

Original art for STUMPTOWN V3 #1 is now for sale! by Justin Greenwood

Both interior art and the cover for STUMPTOWN #1 from onipress is now up for sale on my page at ComicConArt’s site! Most of the issue is available, minus a handful of pages I’ve sold since the book came out.

You can check out all the art here:

Check out a few of my favorites below:

I'm going to be at Rose City Comic Con this weekend! by Justin Greenwood


Looking forward to heading in to Portland this weekend for rosecitycomiccon . I’ll be at Table L-07 with a full spectrum of books, including copies of the newly released STUMPTOWN V3 #1 and the collected THE FUSE Vol.1: THE RUSSIA SHIFT.

I’ve also had some new 11x17 STUMPTOWN prints made (as seen above) and as well as FUSE prints (as seen below) and a ton of original art for sale at my table. And I’ll be taking on a couple more commissions at the show for folks who are interested.

On Saturday, I’ll be on the Oni Press: Creator-Owned Comics For You Panel at 3:00 pm with my STUMPTOWN partner-in-crime Greg Rucka (@ruckawriter) and a slew of great creators in Panel Room 2.

It’s my first time attending this show so make sure to drop by and say hello!