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THE LAST SIEGE #3 is now available for pre-order at your LCS! by Justin Greenwood

THE LAST SIEGE #3 Main Cover by Justin Greenwood and Brad Simpson

THE LAST SIEGE #3 Variant Cover Art by Ramon Villalobos and Brad Simpson

The cover art and solicit info is now online for THE LAST SIEGE #3 as part of Image Comics' August solicitations. These are amongst my favorite covers, glad to see them out in the wild.

From the solicit text: 

August 01 / 32 pages / FC / T+ / $3.99

"On the outskirts of the forest, Feist’s men prepare to seize the castle, promising to rain death upon the defenders. Unaware of this peril, the court advisors search for clues to the origin of the mysterious Stranger."

Main Cover Order Code: JUN180195

Variant Cover Order Code: JUN180196


THE LAST SIEGE #3- Covers.jpg

The ALEXANDER HAMILTON OGN is out this week from Ten Speed Press by Justin Greenwood

The wait is over! Alexander Hamilton: The Graphic History of an American Founding Father is available in stores this week. 

What a wild ride it's been. Lots happened on a personal level in the course of making this book and it gives me an extra sense of pride seeing how great it looks in print.

It's probably no surprise that a book intended for historical accuracy can be a major undertaking and could have been much more difficult if it wasn't for the tireless research Jonathan did in the course of writing this book (if you want a better idea of this, take a look at the CITATIONS). We also had an awesome team to collaborate with, and it can not be overstated how important Brad, Matt and Patrick were to the project and how nicely it has turned out.

I should also say that Ten Speed has proven to be a great publisher to work with, and a big thanks goes out to Patrick Barb, Chloe Rawlins and the rest of the team for helping put together a really great looking package.  We are all really excited to have this book headed to stores and in your hands. 

Writer: Jonathan Hennessey

Artist: Justin Greenwood

Colors: Brad Simpson

Ink/Background Assists: Matt Harding

Letters: Patrick Brosseau

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

This book can be found at your local comic shop and book stores (Tuesday for the former and Wednesday for the latter). For more online ordering info, you can use this link.

You can also check out a bunch of the original BW art for this book available in my store HERE.

And as always, thanks for reading.

THE FUSE Volume 4 is now available for pre-order with your LCS! by Justin Greenwood

@ImageComics solicitation for February 2017 went live yesterday including THE FUSE Volume 4: Constant Orbital Revolutions. Pre-order it with your local comic shop and let them know you want a copy of this definitive piece of the story.


From the Solict:

Retirement beckons for Midway's oldest, crankiest Homicide detective! But before Klem can hang up her space boots, there's one final case to solve—and it will hit closer to home for her secretive young partner Ralph than he'd like, when what begins as a simple murder case soon entangles the detectives in a deadly terror plot! Ralph's secret mission is about to explode…and no one will escape unscathed!
Writer: Antony Johnston (@antonyjohnston)

Artist: Justin Greenwood (@justingreenwood)

Colors: Shari Chankhamma (@shari)

Letters: Ryan Ferrier (@rferrier)

CAPE & COWL One Year Anniversary/Local Comic Shop Day by Justin Greenwood

I'm going to be hanging out at Cape & Cowl Comics in Oakland on Saturday, November 19th from 11am - 3pm, signing comics and doing sketches. They will have a bunch of guests there including talented folks like Ramon Villalobos, Dave Dwonch and Logan Faerber. I like this shop and would highly recommend it to friends looking for a great local shop.

There will be a raffle to benefit the ACLU with lots of prizes, including an original double page spread of the MCPD precinct the opens THE FUSE Volume 3. Come down and get the opportunity to win this and lots of great gifts.


Lots of us artists are contributing a print for the event- I'm using a Supergirl drawing from a recent Multiversity Comics event that was colored by my pal Brad Simpson. 

THE FUSE #23 IS ON SHELVES NOW by Justin Greenwood

Things got away from me last week but wanted to point out that THE FUSE #23 came out Wednesday and is currently available at your local comic shop now! Secrets start to come to light as we learn a lot about Ralph's backstory and where things go from here.

From the solicit:


Time for all the secrets to come out! Ralph comes clean, Klem uncovers the truth, and an old friend lends a hand... just in time for a terrorist attack to begin!

Writer: Antony Johnston

Artist: Justin Greenwood

Colors: Shari Chankhamma

Letters: Ryan Ferrier



RCCC 2015 by Justin Greenwood

Hey, I’m going to be a returning guest of Rose City Comic Con (rosecitycomiccon) this weekend and I’m pumped about spending a little time in Portland again. I had a great time at this show last year and looking forward to Round 2, so drop by and say hello!

You can find me at table K-13.

I’m coming with a bunch of gear this year, lots of original art and sketches for sale alongside books like THE FUSE, STUMPTOWN and fresh copies of STRINGERS #1. I’ll also be taking on a couple commissions at the show so let me know if you want to be on that list.

I’ll also be at appearing at these signings/events:

Saturday- 5pm signing at Oni Press (onipress) Booth #607

Sunday- 11:30 am Panel “Image Comics: Where Creators Own Everything”
Room: Panel Room 3

Sunday- 1:00 pm signing at Oni Press  (onipress) Booth #607

STRINGERS #1 is on stands TODAY! by Justin Greenwood

Even writing this title line has me pinching myself- many comics have long periods of devlopment but this one really takes the cake. I think Marc started on this concept nearly 7 years ago and we probably started collaborating on it as far back as 2010, when we started wrapping up RESURRECTION at that time. So believe me when I say how excited and proud we are to have this book on shelves today. It was the first creator-owned book I got to build from the ground up and will remain one of my favorites.

BIG thanks to onipress for working with us and being so flexible as to make sure it saw the light of day, and to my longtime collaborator and pal Marc Guggenheim for his patience and support. This comic has been a passion project from the outset and time has only made me appreicate it that much more. Hope you guys enjoy it.

From the solicit:

Writer: Marc Guggenheim (marcguggenheim)

Artist: Justin Greenwood (justingreenwood)

Colors: Ryan Hill

Letters: Crank!

Paul and Nick are the guys who shoot the news. Filming car chases, fires, and shootouts in their busted-up rig, they put their (uninsured, unsalaried) lives on the line every night so that the good citizens of Los Angeles can get their daily update. But when a firefight between the LAPD and the MS-13 goes wrong, Nick and Paul find themselves on the run.

Oni Press Solicitations for October include STRINGERS #3 and STUMPTOWN #9! by Justin Greenwood

Now available for Pre-Order in the newest copy of PREVIEWS:



Writer: Marc Guggenheim (marcguggenheim)

Artist: Justin Greenwood (justingreenwood)

Colors: Ryan Hill

Letters: Crank!

After barely escaping from Speziali unscathed (well, maybe some scathes) by tricking him into taking a blank tape, Nick and Paul drop off their actual footage at the news station with Michelle. During their late-night slurpee break, Paul breaks the news he’s being holding onto: he’s going to USC to get his degree and become a “legitimate journalist.” Nick is less than pleased, but it turns out that Speziali had the worst night… those cops came back, and Nick was right: they were definitely crooked. They put Speziali in the hospital searching for the tape, and now Nick, Paul, and Michelle are in danger.


This book also has a variant cover drawn by the ever talented Johnnie Christmas (jchristmas)! Check it out below



Also in solicit for October is the conclusion of The Case of a Cup of Joe!



Writer: Greg Rucka (ruckawriter)

Artist: Justin Greenwood (justingreenwood)

Colors: Ryan Hill

Letters: Crank!

The Barista Mafia makes their move as Dex plays “which bean is which” with two over-caffeinated billionaires. The stakes? Over $100K in gold coins… and bragging rights for Portland’s Best Coffee.


STRINGERS #1 Pre-Order Sheet! by Justin Greenwood

STRINGERS #1 from Marc Guggenheim (marcguggenheim) and me is on it’s way from onipress, and it’s time to give your local comic shop the skinny!

If you want this book, fill out the above form and take it into your LCS to let them know (or just tell them about it, they probably figure it out from there :) Final Order Cut-off is on August 3rd, so make sure you get it in soon.

Are you in the Bay Area and want to talk about comics? Have I got the place for you. by Justin Greenwood

Next week there are a lot of great events happening around Image Expo (imagecomics) being in town, including some cool ones for both STUMPTOWN and THE FUSE:


Wednesday, July 1st: STUMPTOWN signing at Mission Comics in San Francisco:

That’s right, Bay Area! Our pal Greg Rucka (ruckawriter) is in town for Image Expo and we’ll be hanging out at missioncomics on Wednesday, talking about our various projects and other comics related topics. The timing is particularly good with the recent release of STUMPTOWN V3 and the start of a new arc (in stores now!) so drop by and get your books signed.

Event starts at 6pm. More details HERE.


Friday, July 3rd: THE FUSE signings and reception/art show at Escapist Comics and TRICKSTER in Berkeley:

4:00 pm-  In honor of the recent release of THE FUSE V2, Escapist Comics is having a signing which will include myself and “special guest”. Who will it be? That’s a secret I’ll take to my grave (or until Friday, whichever comes first).

More details for The Escapist signing here.

7:00 pm- After the signing, there will be a reception/art show at TR!CKSTER (@trickstertrickster), where there will be a bunch of original art on display, most of which from the upcoming THE FUSE #13! So if you want a little sneak peek into the next storyline, it’s a perfect time to drop by and check it out. There will also be exclusive FUSE prints for sale at the event! Lots of fun for everybody.

More details for the TR!CKSTER event here.

ALA 2015 by Justin Greenwood

I’m going to be in Artist Alley at the annual conference for the ALA in San Francisco this weekend! It’s my first time exhibiting at this show so looking forward to checking it out and talking shop with folks. 

I’ll have lots of books for sale, including THE FUSE, STUMPTOWN, WASTELAND and more alongside Prints and a bunch of original art for sale so drop by and say hello!

Artist Alley Table #113

STUMPTOWN #6 is on sale today! by Justin Greenwood


That’s right friends, STUMPTOWN is back with a new arc! The Case of a Cup of Joe kicks off today, introducing us to Fuji Parios and some of the strangest STUMPTOWN characters yet. Blame it on the coffee. 

STUMPTOWN #6 from onipress is on stands at your LCS today. ruckawriter are having a lot of fun with this one and I think you guys are gonna dig it.

And speaking of your LCS (smooth as silk), I’ll be out at Brian’s Comics in Petaluma, CA today in support of the new STUMPTOWN arc and the recently released THE FUSE V2: Gridlock. If you are out that way later today, drop by and say hello! DETAILS HERE


STUMPTOWN #8 is available for Pre-Order! by Justin Greenwood

That’s right, part 3 of The Case of a Cup of Joe is now available for pre-order at your local LCS! Things are heating up (see what I did there) as Dex finds herself at odds with some of Portland’s greatest commodities. 

Writer: Greg Rucka (ruckawriter)

Artist: Justin Greenwood (justingreenwood)

Colorist: Ryan Hill

Letterer: Crank!

From the solicit:

On one side, homicidal hipster barristas. On the other, the mysterious Mister Dove and his anonymous employer. In the middle, Dex, 3lbs of coffee beans, and a sister she’d gladly sell for beer money…

Order Item#: JUN151455

I’ll be at Big Wow in San Jose, CA this weekend! by Justin Greenwood

I’ll be out in San Jose this weekend for Big Wow ComicFest again this year! You can find me at table AA-411, selling books and talking shop. Fresh off the presses, I’ll have copies of the brand new STUMPTOWN Vol.3 HC at the show, alongside my other projects like THE FUSE, WASTELAND and others.

I’ll also be doing some smaller, convention specific 6x9 commissions for $40. I’m also bringing along lots of original art for sale, as well as smaller sketches and prints. Lots of new gear on display for this one so drop by and say hello!


STUMPTOWN Volume 3 is on sale this week! by Justin Greenwood

That’s right! After some unexpected shipping delays due to the Dockworkers’ Strike, the STUMPTOWN Volume 3 HC is finally hitting shelves on Wednesday. 

Very excited for folks to check out the finished collection- the design team at Oni did a killer job and I think I can speak for Greg (ruckawriter) and the rest of the STUMPTOWN team when I say how proud we are of this book. 

I’ve already drawn the next 3 covers for Volume 4 and have spent the day breaking down issue #6 so we are once again in motion and hard at work on the next round. BIG thanks to everyone for all the support we’ve recieved so far, looking forward to THE CASE OF A CUP OF JOE coming your way in June.


THE FUSE Volume 2 is now available for pre-order! by Justin Greenwood

THE FUSE Vol.2: GRIDLOCK is currently in imagecomics solicitations for June 2015! Klem and Ralph are back in a case involving drugs, drag racing and MURDER…! (cue dramatic theme music)

From the solicitation:


story: ANTONY JOHNSTON (antonyjohnston)

art / cover: JUSTIN GREENWOOD (justingreenwood)

colors: Shari Chankhamma (shari)

letters: Ryan Ferrier (rferrier)

JUNE 3 / 160 PAGES / FC / M / $14.99


They call it “Gridlocking"—maglev-bike races across the Fuse’s vast solar arrays. Fast, dangerous, and very illegal. So when the #1 gridlock racer turns up dead, Klem and Ralph begin their own race to catch a killer…in a case that will force them into the dark underbellies of drug smuggling and terrorism in zero-g!

“Comic of the year… Deserves to be on the Hugo ballot.” — The Angriest

5 Day Art Challenge- Day 5 by Justin Greenwood

For the last day of the Art Challenge, I’m going to put up some covers I did for the actionlabdangerzone series GHOST TOWN a couple years ago. It was a lot of fun, and getting to work with Jordie Bellaire (jordiecolorsthings) was the icing on the cake, she really added a lot to make them shine.

Check out a few of them below:

Ghost Town #1 (colors by Jordie Bellaire)

Ghost Town #2 (Colors by Jordie Bellaire)

Ghost Town #3 (Colors by Jordie Bellaire)

Ghost Town TPB (Colors by Dan Jackson)

And as a bonus, here is a print I drew up for actionlabcomics when the publisher were getting ready to officially kick off.  Colors by my FUSE partner-in-crime Shari Chankhamma (shari).

5 Day Art Challenge- Day 4 by Justin Greenwood

I think today I’m going to put up a bunch of pin-ups/fan art that I’ve drawn over the last few years. It’s always fun to get to riff on someone else’s characters and see what I can come up with. Check out a handful of them below:

I did this one for my pal Dave Dwonch’s CYRUS PERKINS, I think it was used as an incentive reward for his Kickstarter. Another opportunity to play with scrachboard and texture, fun stuff.

I drew this as fanart for Marc Guggenheim’s HALCYON from imagecomics a few years back. Coloring was done by Mark Englert, and I absolutely loved his take on it.

This one is a pin-up I did for my buddy edbrisson for a project that’ll be released later this year. shari (who kills it on colors for our book THE FUSE) actually did an awesome colored version, but I’d have to hunt around to find it.

Here is a pin-up I drew to help promote ryanklindsay and ericxyz’s HEADSPACE, colored by the talented Marissa Louise. SO MUCH material to draw from in this book, made it a lot of fun to put together.

Seemed appropriate enough to put this pin-up for GUERILLAS up, considering elrevel was the one who nominated me for this 5 Day Art Challenge! I had a blast drawing this crew. I think it was published in the extras of Volume 2.

This was a pin-up I drew for my friend Riley Rossmo, characters from his fantastic book DRUMHELLAR. Really enjoyed this comic, hope it comes back one day soon.

One last one, a Kickstarter drawing I did for burthefly ’s BILLY THE PYRO comic. Nick Filardi killed in on the colors, really brought it to life.

STUMPTOWN Volume 3 arrives in stores next month... by Justin Greenwood

…but there is an advance copy of it here at my house and it looks sweeeeet.


Really excited for folks to check this out. The onipress design team has done such a great job on this book and the collection looks really, really sharp. 

STUMPTOWN Volume 3 HC was solicited a while back but there is still time to talk your local comic shop and let them know you want to reserve a copy! 

Diamond Order code: OCT141567

Writer: Greg Rucka (ruckawriter)

Artist: Justin Greenwood ( justingreenwood )

Colors: Ryan Hill 

Letters: Crank!

If you haven’t see the entire wraparound cover, check it out below!

STUMPTOWN V3 #3 is out this week! by Justin Greenwood

Stumptown #3 from onipress hits stands Wednesday! The case heats up when Dex runs across some familiar faces and for some, that might not make for such a friendly reunion.

Writer: Greg Rucka (ruckawriter)

Artist: Justin Greenwood (justingreenwood)

Colorist: Ryan Hill  

Letters: Crank!

From the solicit:

With her friend Mercury still in a coma, Dex is taking things personally – perhaps too personally. As the investigation stalls, Dex begins to veer out of control, and there’s no telling who might get hurt in her wake.