STRINGERS #2 Pre-Order Reminder by Justin Greenwood

Final Order Cut-off for STRINGERS #2 from onipress is coming up on Monday, so just a reminder to let your local comic shop know you want a copy! The response to issue #1 have been overwhelming, and we can’t thank you guys enough for all the great feedback we’ve been getting on our book. 

From the solicit:

Writer: Marc Guggenheim (marcguggenheim)

Artist: Justin Greenwood (justingreenwood)

Colors: Ryan Hill

Letters: Crank!


Nick and Paul hastily flee a shootout, leaving with their footage and a mysterious USB drive taken off a gang member. They quickly get pulled over by the cops, and Nick suspects something wrong is happening… why are the cops interested in them now, when they’ve been at countless shootouts before? Paul disagrees, but Nick is the one behind the wheel, which means that a high-speed chase through LAX is going to happen whether Paul likes it or not. But dodging the police doesn’t mean they’re out of danger… not when they’ve also royally ticked off a rival stringer.

What people are saying:

“Marks a promising debut, and one that doesn’t read like any Guggenheim comic before it.” - IGN
“The art by Justin Greenwood and Ryan Hill is beautiful and speaks to Los Angeles better than I have seen in a while.” - Graphic Policy
“The book is a great example of what can be done with comics outside of the traditional tights and powers tropes.” - Comic Crusaders

And as if that’s not enough, make sure you check out this killer variant cover by Brahm Revel (elrevel) below. Love the energy he packed into this composition!

Diamond Code: JUL151490

ECCC Commission Pre-Orders by Justin Greenwood

I’m going to be opening up a small list of pre-ordered commissions for Emerald City Comic Con, maybe 4 or 5 slots. This year I’m attempting to do them beforehand so I can relax and make something more finished.

EDIT: I am replacing the previous faulty link for requests. Instead, you can email me: justin (AT) justingreenwoodart (DOT) com. The slots will be first come, first serve.

I’m not typically able to take on commissions unless it’s around one of the few conventions I attend so if you’ve been interested, it’s that time. You don’t have to be attending emeraldcitycomicon to order one, provided you are willing to pay shipping and handling.

Commission size will be a minimum of 11x14. Inked drawings (and some wash). Backgrounds will be relatively minimal, but it will depend on the commission.

Single Full Figure (Inked)- $75    * Additional Characters ($40 each)

Here are some drawings I did last year at shows, with the exception of the last one, which was for fun.


5 Day Art Challenge- Day 3 by Justin Greenwood

Continuing the trend of putting up art from past projects, here is some art I did from an issue of thejoshuawilliamson and Mike Henderson’s MASKS AND MOBSTERS from monkeybraincomics (later collected by @imagecomics). They have since re-teamed for the kick-ass book NAILBITER, also from imagecomics, and if you’re not already reading it, get on board.

I’m only going to throw up some odds and ends, a few preliminary drawings and some finished art. I worked with washes a lot for this one, and I think it’s the only book where I did the tones right on the actual pages. Working on this short taught me a lot about washes that I brought into that second arc of WASTELAND.

5 Day Art Challenge- Day 2 by Justin Greenwood

Today’s art is from the onipress book WASTELAND, a project that I drew a couple arcs for with my friend and current THE FUSE collaborator Antony Johnston (antonyjohnston).

Check out some early character sketches I did when warming up to some of the characters + a few pages from issue #49. Some of the early drawings were done on scratchboard, a technique I’d like to be using more often but it’s not cost efficient for interiors. Instead I use it mostly for pin-ups or cover drawings, but occasionally I still break it out just to play a bit.

5 Day Art Challenge- Day 1 by Justin Greenwood

Looks like I’m jumping into the 5 day art challenge thanks to my pal Brahm Revel (who also happens to be one of my favorite aritists- check out his GUERILLAS if you want to see some killer storytelling). 

Today I’m going to put up some art from my first comics project, the onipress series RESURRECTION with Marc Guggenheim (marcguggenheim). One cool thing about it was every issue started with a six panel page that opened into a big Double Page Spread, and I always love a chance to draw big and spread an image out.

Here are a few of my favorites- most are BW although I found a couple color versions too (colors done by the always impressive Dan Jackson). And that splash page wasn’t part of an opening, just an image that I still really like.

Original Art for STUMPTOWN #5 and THE FUSE #9 now available! by Justin Greenwood

Fresh off the presses, original interior art is available for STUMPTOWN V3 #5 and THE FUSE #9 is up and for sale at the site at ComiConArt!

This caps off the arc for STUMPTOWN Volume 3 so all the availabe art for this series is now there if you want to have a look. We’ll be adding the cover to the collection in a month or two when that books is available.

I’ve been holding on to the covers for this arc of THE FUSE, mostly because I’m not sure how to offer them yet because they connect and the last one hasn’t been solicited yet (I think). I’ll update when I can figure out the best way to offer them.

Check out some of my favorites from this group below:

STUMPTOWN #5 pages from onipress:

THE FUSE #9 from @imagecomics:

New Original Art from STUMPTOWN #4 and THE FUSE #8 now available! by Justin Greenwood

Happy New Year!

After a brief delay due to holiday festivities, new art from STUMPTOWN V3 #4 and THE FUSE #8 is now up at ComiConArt! Is there a better way to bring in 2015? I can’t think of one.

Check out some of my favorite pages from each issue below:

STUMPTOWN #4 from onipress:

THE FUSE #8 from imagecomics :

Saturday, December 6th- Signing at COMICS FOR THE WIN in Santa Rosa, CA by Justin Greenwood

I’m going to be hanging out at Comics FTW in Santa Rosa on Saturday from 3pm-6pm, talking about the new arc of THE FUSE and the 3rd volume of the now ongoing STUMPTOWN (both of which are on on stands now)! 

Make sure to drop by and say hello if you live in the area- I’ll be signing books and doing a bit of sketching so it should be a good time to talk some good old fashioned comic shop. 

Holiday Sale on Original Art at ComiConArt! by Justin Greenwood

Good news for original art fans- ComiConArt has announced their first Holiday Sale and it kicked off on Black Friday! All of my art available on they site is 20% off the listed price.

If you’ve been thinking about picking up some original art from THE FUSE, STUMPTOWN, WASTELAND or one of my GHOST TOWN covers, there’s never been a better time to pick some up! 

See all of my available art HERE. 

This also includes interior art from the recently added STUMPTOWN V3 #3. Check out a few of my favorite pages from this issue below:

Orignal art for THE FUSE #5 is now available for sale! by Justin Greenwood

The interior art and cover for issue #5 has been uploaded to ComicConArt’s site and you can check out all the pages there (although it’s an issue with big spoilers so read your copy first before checking it out :)

You can check out the art here: http://www.comiconart.com/artist/Justin-Greenwood

Some of my favorite pages from early in issue #5: