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THE FUSE #21 is on shelves now! by Justin Greenwood

Part 3 of Constant Orbital Revolutions in on shelves now from @imagecomics!

Tensions rise and things come to a head with this issue- maybe my favorite ending to date? Lots of big moments in this issue.

From the solicit: 

“With Leo in the hot seat, and Ralph nowhere to be found, Klem tears up the place to prove her son’s innocence. And the trail leads somewhere NOBODY was expecting!“

Writer: Antony Johnston @antonyjohnston

Artist: Justin Greenwood @justingreenwood

Colors: Shari Chankhamma @shari

Letters: Ryan Ferrier @rferrier

There is a preview up at Image Comics today if you want a look at the first few pages.

And you can check out original art for sale from this issue (and others) on my site. (WARNING: spoilers abound)


THE FUSE #20 is on sale this week! by Justin Greenwood

Part Two of Constant Orbital Revolutions hit stands yesterday with THE FUSE #20 from @imagecomics

“Murder leads to terrorism, terrorism leads to hacking, hacking leads to, uh, terrorism again! And someone called “Viking”! And boy, this “Viking” person sure does look familiar…”

Writer: Antony Johnston (@antonyjohnston)

Artist: Justin Greenwood (@justingreenwood)

Colors: Shari Chankhamma (@shari)

Letters: Ryan Ferrier (@rferrier)

You can check out a preview up at Image Comics HERE.


Also, check out original art for sale from this issue on my site.

STUMPTOWN #10 hits stands today! by Justin Greenwood

THE CASE OF THE NIGHT THAT WOULDN’T END arrives in stores today from @onipress! It’s a standalone case, a one-in-done story following Dex on a late night stakeout. 

STUMPTOWN #10 is the first time in a long while where I got to draw a complete story in one issue and also a comic that is mostly silent, both things that make for a really satisfying, fun to draw issue.

Greg (@ruckawriter) absolutely killed it with this story, putting together one of my favorite scripts to date and Ryan brought a great, moody vibe with the colors as we watch Dex struggle to figure out who is doing what with whom.

Here are the first pages that ran in the preview circulating online:

THE FUSE #21 is Now Available for Pre-Order! by Justin Greenwood

@imagecomics Solicitations for September 2016 are now available online and that includes THE FUSE #21

Just a reminder that you can still pre-order all three issues of the new arc that have been solicited with your local comic shop- even if FOC has past, you can let them know you want to be onboard for the new issues of Volume 4. 

It’s not too late to pre-order these issues and insure you will get them when they come out!

Here is the info for all three of the issues that are available for pre-order at this time. The new arc Constant Orbital Revolutions kicks off when THE FUSE #19 hits shelves on July 6th. @antonyjohnston has been killing it with this storyline, lots of fireworks for our favorite spacelocked homicide detectives.


HEROESCON 2016! by Justin Greenwood

I’ll be headed to Charlotte, NC this weekend for HEROESCON! (@heroesonline) I’ve been hearing about how great this show is for years so really excited to get down there and check it out for myself.

You can find me at Table AA-1123 in Indie Island. Looking forward to talking comics with y’all.

I’ll also be on a panel on Sunday at 12:00pm talking about CRIME with JOHN LEES, RICH TOMMASO, CHRISTOPHER SEBELLA and IBRAHIM MOUSTAFA in Room 207CD.

Expect to see a lot of original art and sketches, alongside all of my most recently released work including THE FUSE (Volumes 1-3), STRINGERS and the collected STUMPTOWN V3 Hardcover.

STRINGERS #1 is on stands TODAY! by Justin Greenwood

Even writing this title line has me pinching myself- many comics have long periods of devlopment but this one really takes the cake. I think Marc started on this concept nearly 7 years ago and we probably started collaborating on it as far back as 2010, when we started wrapping up RESURRECTION at that time. So believe me when I say how excited and proud we are to have this book on shelves today. It was the first creator-owned book I got to build from the ground up and will remain one of my favorites.

BIG thanks to onipress for working with us and being so flexible as to make sure it saw the light of day, and to my longtime collaborator and pal Marc Guggenheim for his patience and support. This comic has been a passion project from the outset and time has only made me appreicate it that much more. Hope you guys enjoy it.

From the solicit:

Writer: Marc Guggenheim (marcguggenheim)

Artist: Justin Greenwood (justingreenwood)

Colors: Ryan Hill

Letters: Crank!

Paul and Nick are the guys who shoot the news. Filming car chases, fires, and shootouts in their busted-up rig, they put their (uninsured, unsalaried) lives on the line every night so that the good citizens of Los Angeles can get their daily update. But when a firefight between the LAPD and the MS-13 goes wrong, Nick and Paul find themselves on the run.

Are you in the Bay Area and want to talk about comics? Have I got the place for you. by Justin Greenwood

Next week there are a lot of great events happening around Image Expo (imagecomics) being in town, including some cool ones for both STUMPTOWN and THE FUSE:


Wednesday, July 1st: STUMPTOWN signing at Mission Comics in San Francisco:

That’s right, Bay Area! Our pal Greg Rucka (ruckawriter) is in town for Image Expo and we’ll be hanging out at missioncomics on Wednesday, talking about our various projects and other comics related topics. The timing is particularly good with the recent release of STUMPTOWN V3 and the start of a new arc (in stores now!) so drop by and get your books signed.

Event starts at 6pm. More details HERE.


Friday, July 3rd: THE FUSE signings and reception/art show at Escapist Comics and TRICKSTER in Berkeley:

4:00 pm-  In honor of the recent release of THE FUSE V2, Escapist Comics is having a signing which will include myself and “special guest”. Who will it be? That’s a secret I’ll take to my grave (or until Friday, whichever comes first).

More details for The Escapist signing here.

7:00 pm- After the signing, there will be a reception/art show at TR!CKSTER (@trickstertrickster), where there will be a bunch of original art on display, most of which from the upcoming THE FUSE #13! So if you want a little sneak peek into the next storyline, it’s a perfect time to drop by and check it out. There will also be exclusive FUSE prints for sale at the event! Lots of fun for everybody.

More details for the TR!CKSTER event here.

ALA 2015 by Justin Greenwood

I’m going to be in Artist Alley at the annual conference for the ALA in San Francisco this weekend! It’s my first time exhibiting at this show so looking forward to checking it out and talking shop with folks. 

I’ll have lots of books for sale, including THE FUSE, STUMPTOWN, WASTELAND and more alongside Prints and a bunch of original art for sale so drop by and say hello!

Artist Alley Table #113