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New Original Art from STUMPTOWN #4 and THE FUSE #8 now available! by Justin Greenwood

Happy New Year!

After a brief delay due to holiday festivities, new art from STUMPTOWN V3 #4 and THE FUSE #8 is now up at ComiConArt! Is there a better way to bring in 2015? I can’t think of one.

Check out some of my favorite pages from each issue below:

STUMPTOWN #4 from onipress:

THE FUSE #8 from imagecomics :

Holiday Sale on Original Art at ComiConArt! by Justin Greenwood

Good news for original art fans- ComiConArt has announced their first Holiday Sale and it kicked off on Black Friday! All of my art available on they site is 20% off the listed price.

If you’ve been thinking about picking up some original art from THE FUSE, STUMPTOWN, WASTELAND or one of my GHOST TOWN covers, there’s never been a better time to pick some up! 

See all of my available art HERE. 

This also includes interior art from the recently added STUMPTOWN V3 #3. Check out a few of my favorite pages from this issue below:

Original Art for THE FUSE #7 is now for sale! by Justin Greenwood


Fresh off the stands, the original pages for THE FUSE #7 from imagecomics is now available at

The cover to this issue won’t go up for another month or two but most of the interiors are up there to check out. With all the racing and new locations, this issue was a lot of fun to draw. 

Have a look at all the original art HERE.

Check out out a few of my favorites below (unless you have yet to read the issue and want to save some surprises :)







Original art for STUMPTOWN #2 is now for sale! by Justin Greenwood

That’s riiiiight, the original art for STUMPTOWN #2 from onipress is now available for sale at ComiConArt! With my convention season over for a bit, I’m going to try and start getting the original pages up within a week of an issue’s release.

This also includes the above cover, maybe my favorite of the group. Originally I’d sketched it up as something more “montage-y” but ruckawriter came back with some specific ideas, something more direct and visceral and I like this version much better.

Check out most of the original pages from this issue HERE

And have a look at some of my other favorites below:

Orignal art for THE FUSE #5 is now available for sale! by Justin Greenwood

The interior art and cover for issue #5 has been uploaded to ComicConArt’s site and you can check out all the pages there (although it’s an issue with big spoilers so read your copy first before checking it out :)

You can check out the art here:

Some of my favorite pages from early in issue #5: