Russel Roehling

STUMPTOWN V3 #2 and WASTELAND: The Apocalyptic Edition HC Vol. 4 are out this week! by Justin Greenwood

Two new books I worked on are on shelves Wednesday:


STUMPTOWN V3 #2 from onipress

Writer: Greg Rucka (ruckawriter)  

Art: Justin Greenwood (justingreenwood)

Colors: Ryan Hill  

Letters: Crank!

Very excited for this issue to come out. The plot thickens:

“After discovering her dear friend Mercury beaten to within an inch of his life, Dex is determined to find the culprit at any cost. But when her path again crosses with Seattle-based investigator C.K. Banes, will Dex have an ally or yet another obstacle?”


Writer: Antony Johnston (antonyjohnston)

Art: Justin Greenwood (justingreenwood), Russel Roehling ( russelroehling), Christopher Mitten (christophermitten) and others

As proud as I am of having worked on this story, I’m particularly proud of this portion. These hard covers are among the nicest comics I own, really beautifully designed books. The adventure continues:

“The award-nominated sci-fi epic continues in this fourth deluxe hardcover! Michael and Abi walk on through the desert, but tensions between them could jeopardize the search for A-Ree-Yass-I entirely… while in Newbegin, the arrival of the Children’s father heralds Marcus’ downfall. Reprinting issues #40 to #52 of Wasteland, this oversized volume also includes the final "Walking the Dust” stories, plus a special interlude issue and cover gallery by series co-creator Christopher Mitten! Written by Antony Johnston, with art by Russel Roehling and Justin Greenwood, featuring cover artwork from Christopher Mitten.“