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THE LAST SIEGE TPB and STUMPTOWN V4 (softcover) are both on sale this month! by Justin Greenwood


A couple of recent releases to update this news section:

THE LAST SIEGE TPB went on sale this month from Image Comics. Clocking in at a massive 232 pages, this book collects the entire series about a lone swordsman and an 11 year old girl facing impossible odds. Working on this book was a real pleasure and we are super proud of how it came out.

From the solicit: Spaghetti Western storytelling meets Game of Thrones atmosphere in this gritty medieval war story, as a mysterious stranger arrives at a castle overrun with brutal soldiers bent on usurping the throne of the rightful heir—an 11-year-old girl.

Writer: Landry Q Walker

Artist: Justin Greenwood

Colors: Brad Simpson and Eric Jones

Letters: Patrick Brosseau

Editing: Branwyn Bigglestone

Design: Keith Wood


Also out this week is a soft cover edition of STUMPTOWN Volume 4: The Case of the Cup of Joe from Oni Press. The collection also includes our single issue, (mostly) silent story The Case of the Night That Wouldn’t End. It’s nice to see these stories getting a second round of publication, really fun stuff.

Writer: Greg Rucka

Artist: Justin Greenwood

Colors: Ryan Hill

Letters: Crank!

Editors: Ari Yarwood and James Lucas Jones

Design: Keith Wood with Hilary Thompson

THE LAST SIEGE #2 and the WASTELAND Compendium Volume 2 are on sale now! by Justin Greenwood

THE LAST SIEGE #2 main cover by Justin Greenwood and Brad Simpson

THE LAST SIEGE #2 went on sale last week on 4th of July. We did a fun signing at Cape and Cowl in Oakland, CA and I've been on the road post-holiday but wanted to make sure it was noted and up here. The violence picks up as we get a taste for who Feist really is what he's capable of. Nasty fella.

From the solicit: 

The mysterious Stranger prepares the castle for war, while Feist and his men struggle to avoid the executioner's axe. With little hope, and less time, the Stranger unveils his secret weapon.

Writer: Landry Q Walker

Artist: Justin Greenwood

Colorist: Eric Jones

Letters: Pat Brosseau

Editor: Branwyn Bigglestone

Design: Keith Wood

This one featured a variant cover by the great Gabriel Hardman, as seen below. LOVE this cover.

THE LAST SIEGE #2 variant cover by Gabriel Hardman and Brad Simpson

THE LAST SIEGE #2 variant cover by Gabriel Hardman and Brad Simpson

Also out this week: The WASTELAND Compendium Volume 2!

WASTELAND Compendium V2 cover art by Christopher Mitten

WASTELAND Compendium V2 cover art by Christopher Mitten

What a book this is! The 2nd half  of the long running series WASTELAND from Oni Press is collected here, including both arcs of the book that I worked on. I really enjoyed drawing parts of this story and it was the first time I got to work with my pal Antony Johnston, who I later re-teamed with to create our sci-fi crime series THE FUSE.

619 Pages! This thing is a beast.

From the solicit: 

The conclusion to the sprawling tale, collecting issues #32-60!  After leaving the Dog Tribes and Newbegin behind, Michael and Abi continue across the desert in search A-Ree-Yass-I. Joined by another who shares their strange gifts, the tensions between them nearly jeopardize their quest while Newbegin prepares for war. When they finally uncover the fabled land, it will take everything they have to unearth the truth... and then the story of The Big Wet can be told! 

By Antony Johnston

Illustrated by: Christopher MittenJustin GreenwoodBrett WeldeleSandy Jarrell and Omar Olivera

STUMPTOWN VOLUME 4 is on sale this week! by Justin Greenwood

So excited to have STUMPTOWN Volume 4 in stores on Wednesday from @onipress! This volume collects the most recent PDX coffee caper THE CASE OF A CUP OF JOE and THE CASE OF THE NIGHT THAT WOULDN’T END, our mostly silent stakeout issue.

Coffee, Crime and more than a little bit of Cunning- this one has it all.

We are very proud of this collection and glad to see it finally on shelves. This hard cover features a great round table type discussion with Greg, Ryan and myself plus lots of new process material to check out. I had an insanely good time drawing this book- Greg had me frequently laughing out loud while working on this, but somehow never let it get in the way of some very poignant, beautiful moments in these stories. Really fun (and challenging) stuff to draw.

GREG RUCKA @ruckawriter (W) • JUSTIN GREENWOOD @justingreenwood (A/CA) • RYAN HILL ( C ) • CRANK ( L )

There is a good interview HERE on @comicosit with the whole team talking about the collaboration and storytelling in this volume.

You can also find a handful of some of my favorite original art from this volume up at my site HERE.

STUMPTOWN #10 hits stands today! by Justin Greenwood

THE CASE OF THE NIGHT THAT WOULDN’T END arrives in stores today from @onipress! It’s a standalone case, a one-in-done story following Dex on a late night stakeout. 

STUMPTOWN #10 is the first time in a long while where I got to draw a complete story in one issue and also a comic that is mostly silent, both things that make for a really satisfying, fun to draw issue.

Greg (@ruckawriter) absolutely killed it with this story, putting together one of my favorite scripts to date and Ryan brought a great, moody vibe with the colors as we watch Dex struggle to figure out who is doing what with whom.

Here are the first pages that ran in the preview circulating online:

RCCC 2015 by Justin Greenwood

Hey, I’m going to be a returning guest of Rose City Comic Con (rosecitycomiccon) this weekend and I’m pumped about spending a little time in Portland again. I had a great time at this show last year and looking forward to Round 2, so drop by and say hello!

You can find me at table K-13.

I’m coming with a bunch of gear this year, lots of original art and sketches for sale alongside books like THE FUSE, STUMPTOWN and fresh copies of STRINGERS #1. I’ll also be taking on a couple commissions at the show so let me know if you want to be on that list.

I’ll also be at appearing at these signings/events:

Saturday- 5pm signing at Oni Press (onipress) Booth #607

Sunday- 11:30 am Panel “Image Comics: Where Creators Own Everything”
Room: Panel Room 3

Sunday- 1:00 pm signing at Oni Press  (onipress) Booth #607

STRINGERS #2 Pre-Order Reminder by Justin Greenwood

Final Order Cut-off for STRINGERS #2 from onipress is coming up on Monday, so just a reminder to let your local comic shop know you want a copy! The response to issue #1 have been overwhelming, and we can’t thank you guys enough for all the great feedback we’ve been getting on our book. 

From the solicit:

Writer: Marc Guggenheim (marcguggenheim)

Artist: Justin Greenwood (justingreenwood)

Colors: Ryan Hill

Letters: Crank!


Nick and Paul hastily flee a shootout, leaving with their footage and a mysterious USB drive taken off a gang member. They quickly get pulled over by the cops, and Nick suspects something wrong is happening… why are the cops interested in them now, when they’ve been at countless shootouts before? Paul disagrees, but Nick is the one behind the wheel, which means that a high-speed chase through LAX is going to happen whether Paul likes it or not. But dodging the police doesn’t mean they’re out of danger… not when they’ve also royally ticked off a rival stringer.

What people are saying:

“Marks a promising debut, and one that doesn’t read like any Guggenheim comic before it.” - IGN
“The art by Justin Greenwood and Ryan Hill is beautiful and speaks to Los Angeles better than I have seen in a while.” - Graphic Policy
“The book is a great example of what can be done with comics outside of the traditional tights and powers tropes.” - Comic Crusaders

And as if that’s not enough, make sure you check out this killer variant cover by Brahm Revel (elrevel) below. Love the energy he packed into this composition!

Diamond Code: JUL151490

STRINGERS #1 is on stands TODAY! by Justin Greenwood

Even writing this title line has me pinching myself- many comics have long periods of devlopment but this one really takes the cake. I think Marc started on this concept nearly 7 years ago and we probably started collaborating on it as far back as 2010, when we started wrapping up RESURRECTION at that time. So believe me when I say how excited and proud we are to have this book on shelves today. It was the first creator-owned book I got to build from the ground up and will remain one of my favorites.

BIG thanks to onipress for working with us and being so flexible as to make sure it saw the light of day, and to my longtime collaborator and pal Marc Guggenheim for his patience and support. This comic has been a passion project from the outset and time has only made me appreicate it that much more. Hope you guys enjoy it.

From the solicit:

Writer: Marc Guggenheim (marcguggenheim)

Artist: Justin Greenwood (justingreenwood)

Colors: Ryan Hill

Letters: Crank!

Paul and Nick are the guys who shoot the news. Filming car chases, fires, and shootouts in their busted-up rig, they put their (uninsured, unsalaried) lives on the line every night so that the good citizens of Los Angeles can get their daily update. But when a firefight between the LAPD and the MS-13 goes wrong, Nick and Paul find themselves on the run.

STUMPTOWN #7 is on sale this week! by Justin Greenwood

The Case of a Cup of Joe continues this Wednesday from onipress! The solicit says it all:

“Dex is in possession of $30,000 dollars worth of coffee beans. It gets weirder from there.”

Written by Greg Rucka (ruckawriter), Drawn by Justin Greenwood (justingreenwood), Colors by Ryan Hill and Letters by Crank!

Check out a few pages from the issue below.

Oni Press Solicitations for October include STRINGERS #3 and STUMPTOWN #9! by Justin Greenwood

Now available for Pre-Order in the newest copy of PREVIEWS:



Writer: Marc Guggenheim (marcguggenheim)

Artist: Justin Greenwood (justingreenwood)

Colors: Ryan Hill

Letters: Crank!

After barely escaping from Speziali unscathed (well, maybe some scathes) by tricking him into taking a blank tape, Nick and Paul drop off their actual footage at the news station with Michelle. During their late-night slurpee break, Paul breaks the news he’s being holding onto: he’s going to USC to get his degree and become a “legitimate journalist.” Nick is less than pleased, but it turns out that Speziali had the worst night… those cops came back, and Nick was right: they were definitely crooked. They put Speziali in the hospital searching for the tape, and now Nick, Paul, and Michelle are in danger.


This book also has a variant cover drawn by the ever talented Johnnie Christmas (jchristmas)! Check it out below



Also in solicit for October is the conclusion of The Case of a Cup of Joe!



Writer: Greg Rucka (ruckawriter)

Artist: Justin Greenwood (justingreenwood)

Colors: Ryan Hill

Letters: Crank!

The Barista Mafia makes their move as Dex plays “which bean is which” with two over-caffeinated billionaires. The stakes? Over $100K in gold coins… and bragging rights for Portland’s Best Coffee.


STRINGERS #1 Pre-Order Sheet! by Justin Greenwood

STRINGERS #1 from Marc Guggenheim (marcguggenheim) and me is on it’s way from onipress, and it’s time to give your local comic shop the skinny!

If you want this book, fill out the above form and take it into your LCS to let them know (or just tell them about it, they probably figure it out from there :) Final Order Cut-off is on August 3rd, so make sure you get it in soon.

STUMPTOWN #6 is on sale today! by Justin Greenwood


That’s right friends, STUMPTOWN is back with a new arc! The Case of a Cup of Joe kicks off today, introducing us to Fuji Parios and some of the strangest STUMPTOWN characters yet. Blame it on the coffee. 

STUMPTOWN #6 from onipress is on stands at your LCS today. ruckawriter are having a lot of fun with this one and I think you guys are gonna dig it.

And speaking of your LCS (smooth as silk), I’ll be out at Brian’s Comics in Petaluma, CA today in support of the new STUMPTOWN arc and the recently released THE FUSE V2: Gridlock. If you are out that way later today, drop by and say hello! DETAILS HERE


STUMPTOWN #8 is available for Pre-Order! by Justin Greenwood

That’s right, part 3 of The Case of a Cup of Joe is now available for pre-order at your local LCS! Things are heating up (see what I did there) as Dex finds herself at odds with some of Portland’s greatest commodities. 

Writer: Greg Rucka (ruckawriter)

Artist: Justin Greenwood (justingreenwood)

Colorist: Ryan Hill

Letterer: Crank!

From the solicit:

On one side, homicidal hipster barristas. On the other, the mysterious Mister Dove and his anonymous employer. In the middle, Dex, 3lbs of coffee beans, and a sister she’d gladly sell for beer money…

Order Item#: JUN151455

STUMPTOWN Volume 3 is on sale this week! by Justin Greenwood

That’s right! After some unexpected shipping delays due to the Dockworkers’ Strike, the STUMPTOWN Volume 3 HC is finally hitting shelves on Wednesday. 

Very excited for folks to check out the finished collection- the design team at Oni did a killer job and I think I can speak for Greg (ruckawriter) and the rest of the STUMPTOWN team when I say how proud we are of this book. 

I’ve already drawn the next 3 covers for Volume 4 and have spent the day breaking down issue #6 so we are once again in motion and hard at work on the next round. BIG thanks to everyone for all the support we’ve recieved so far, looking forward to THE CASE OF A CUP OF JOE coming your way in June.


STUMPTOWN #6 is now available for pre-order! by Justin Greenwood

Back from a little break between arcs, STUMPTOWN Volume 4 from onipress kicks off with a brand new caper: THE CASE OF A CUP OF JOE! In what might be the funniest STUMPTOWN script I’ve read so far, Dex and the gang return for a story full of surprises, including the first time appearance of another member of the Parios family.

Let your LCS know you want to reserve a copy! Item Code:  APR 151629

From the solicit:

Writer: Greg Rucka (ruckawriter)

Artist: Justin Greenwood (justingreenwood)

Colorist: Ryan Hill

Letterer: Crank!

“The Case of a Cup of Joe,” Part One: Dex deals with people who will quite literally kill for a good cup of coffee. Seriously. It’s Portland.

5 Day Art Challenge- Day 2 by Justin Greenwood

Today’s art is from the onipress book WASTELAND, a project that I drew a couple arcs for with my friend and current THE FUSE collaborator Antony Johnston (antonyjohnston).

Check out some early character sketches I did when warming up to some of the characters + a few pages from issue #49. Some of the early drawings were done on scratchboard, a technique I’d like to be using more often but it’s not cost efficient for interiors. Instead I use it mostly for pin-ups or cover drawings, but occasionally I still break it out just to play a bit.

5 Day Art Challenge- Day 1 by Justin Greenwood

Looks like I’m jumping into the 5 day art challenge thanks to my pal Brahm Revel (who also happens to be one of my favorite aritists- check out his GUERILLAS if you want to see some killer storytelling). 

Today I’m going to put up some art from my first comics project, the onipress series RESURRECTION with Marc Guggenheim (marcguggenheim). One cool thing about it was every issue started with a six panel page that opened into a big Double Page Spread, and I always love a chance to draw big and spread an image out.

Here are a few of my favorites- most are BW although I found a couple color versions too (colors done by the always impressive Dan Jackson). And that splash page wasn’t part of an opening, just an image that I still really like.

STUMPTOWN Volume 3 arrives in stores next month... by Justin Greenwood

…but there is an advance copy of it here at my house and it looks sweeeeet.


Really excited for folks to check this out. The onipress design team has done such a great job on this book and the collection looks really, really sharp. 

STUMPTOWN Volume 3 HC was solicited a while back but there is still time to talk your local comic shop and let them know you want to reserve a copy! 

Diamond Order code: OCT141567

Writer: Greg Rucka (ruckawriter)

Artist: Justin Greenwood ( justingreenwood )

Colors: Ryan Hill 

Letters: Crank!

If you haven’t see the entire wraparound cover, check it out below!

Original Art for STUMPTOWN #5 and THE FUSE #9 now available! by Justin Greenwood

Fresh off the presses, original interior art is available for STUMPTOWN V3 #5 and THE FUSE #9 is up and for sale at the site at ComiConArt!

This caps off the arc for STUMPTOWN Volume 3 so all the availabe art for this series is now there if you want to have a look. We’ll be adding the cover to the collection in a month or two when that books is available.

I’ve been holding on to the covers for this arc of THE FUSE, mostly because I’m not sure how to offer them yet because they connect and the last one hasn’t been solicited yet (I think). I’ll update when I can figure out the best way to offer them.

Check out some of my favorites from this group below:

STUMPTOWN #5 pages from onipress:

THE FUSE #9 from @imagecomics:

New Original Art from STUMPTOWN #4 and THE FUSE #8 now available! by Justin Greenwood

Happy New Year!

After a brief delay due to holiday festivities, new art from STUMPTOWN V3 #4 and THE FUSE #8 is now up at ComiConArt! Is there a better way to bring in 2015? I can’t think of one.

Check out some of my favorite pages from each issue below:

STUMPTOWN #4 from onipress:

THE FUSE #8 from imagecomics :

Holiday Sale on Original Art at ComiConArt! by Justin Greenwood

Good news for original art fans- ComiConArt has announced their first Holiday Sale and it kicked off on Black Friday! All of my art available on they site is 20% off the listed price.

If you’ve been thinking about picking up some original art from THE FUSE, STUMPTOWN, WASTELAND or one of my GHOST TOWN covers, there’s never been a better time to pick some up! 

See all of my available art HERE. 

This also includes interior art from the recently added STUMPTOWN V3 #3. Check out a few of my favorite pages from this issue below: