LAZARUS X+66 #3 Now Available For Pre-Order! by Justin Greenwood

I am drawing an issue of LAZARUS X+66 from Image Comics! Absolutely love this series so it's really fun to get to draw a stand alone issue for this book. Also feels great to be working with my pal @ruckawriter again, him and Neal Bailey have put together a strong story that has been a blast to work on.

And it takes place in the Bay Area! What more can you ask for.

From the solicit:

Story: Greg RuckaNeal Bailey
Art: Justin Greenwood
Cover: Michael Lark
Published: September 27, 2017
Diamond ID: JUL170845 

San Francisco is the jewel in the Carlyle crown, a city of Serfs, comfort, and privilege. It’s where Joe and Bobbie Barrett now make their home. But a gilded cage is a cage all the same, and now Joe and Bobbie must decide what they will do to be Free. Drawn by Justin Greenwood (THE FUSE, STUMPTOWN).

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