Alexander Hamilton

The ALEXANDER HAMILTON OGN is out this week from Ten Speed Press by Justin Greenwood

The wait is over! Alexander Hamilton: The Graphic History of an American Founding Father is available in stores this week. 

What a wild ride it's been. Lots happened on a personal level in the course of making this book and it gives me an extra sense of pride seeing how great it looks in print.

It's probably no surprise that a book intended for historical accuracy can be a major undertaking and could have been much more difficult if it wasn't for the tireless research Jonathan did in the course of writing this book (if you want a better idea of this, take a look at the CITATIONS). We also had an awesome team to collaborate with, and it can not be overstated how important Brad, Matt and Patrick were to the project and how nicely it has turned out.

I should also say that Ten Speed has proven to be a great publisher to work with, and a big thanks goes out to Patrick Barb, Chloe Rawlins and the rest of the team for helping put together a really great looking package.  We are all really excited to have this book headed to stores and in your hands. 

Writer: Jonathan Hennessey

Artist: Justin Greenwood

Colors: Brad Simpson

Ink/Background Assists: Matt Harding

Letters: Patrick Brosseau

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

This book can be found at your local comic shop and book stores (Tuesday for the former and Wednesday for the latter). For more online ordering info, you can use this link.

You can also check out a bunch of the original BW art for this book available in my store HERE.

And as always, thanks for reading.


It’s official! News is out that I’ve been secretly working away on an ALEXANDER HAMILTON OGN with writer Jonathan Hennessey for Ten Speed Press, an imprint of Penguin/Random House Books.

After becoming a big fan of the musical, working on a book of the same subject matter has been an absolute blast and I’m finding out more about Alexander Hamilton than I ever would have guessed.

This book hits shelves in August, but you can expect to see more preview art as we get closer to release. In the meantime, check out an early look at pages below, and check out MY SITE for more info and formal solicit material. Colors by the ever talented Brad Simpson and Letters by Patrick Brosseau.