STUMPTOWN #6 is now available for pre-order! / by Justin Greenwood

Back from a little break between arcs, STUMPTOWN Volume 4 from onipress kicks off with a brand new caper: THE CASE OF A CUP OF JOE! In what might be the funniest STUMPTOWN script I’ve read so far, Dex and the gang return for a story full of surprises, including the first time appearance of another member of the Parios family.

Let your LCS know you want to reserve a copy! Item Code:  APR 151629

From the solicit:

Writer: Greg Rucka (ruckawriter)

Artist: Justin Greenwood (justingreenwood)

Colorist: Ryan Hill

Letterer: Crank!

“The Case of a Cup of Joe,” Part One: Dex deals with people who will quite literally kill for a good cup of coffee. Seriously. It’s Portland.