/ by Justin Greenwood



Here’s our newest batch of special guests for ECCC 2015:

  • Art Baltazar (A cartoonist known for Aw Yeah Comics, and Itty Bitty Comics, whose recent work includes Tiny Titans: Return to the Treehouse, Harley Quinn, Creepy, Captain Action Cat: The Timestream CATastrophe!, Archie, Batman ‘66, Hello Kitty and Friends, One For One: Itty Bitty Hellboy, The Green Team: Teen Trillionaires, Li’l Vampi, Li’l Sonja, Li’l Bionic Kids, Adventure Time, Li’l Battlestar Galactica, Li’l Ernie, Superman Family Adventures, and Green Lantern: The Animated Series)
  • Max Fiumara (Artist on Abe Sapien, whose past work includes B.P.R.D.:1948, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Punisher, Hulk Smash Avengers, and more)
  • Justin Greenwood (Artist and co-creator on The Fuse and Stumptown. Previous work includes titles like Wasteland, Resurrection, Masks and Mobsters, Continuum, and others) justingreenwood
  • Rick Remender (Co-creator/writer of Black Science, Fear Agent, Gigantic and The Last Days of American Crime, writer of numerous books including Uncanny Avengers, Captain America, Avengers & X-Men: AXIS, Marvel Legends, Avengers Universe, Deadly Class, Black Science, Winter Soldier: The Bitter March, Low, Crawl Space, Wolverine and Deadpool, Uncanny X-Force, and Secret Avengers)

For more information on all our Special Guests, visit our website.

Yeah, that’s right Seattle- I’LL BE BACK.