Big Wow! ComicFest / by Justin Greenwood


I’ll be at Big Wow! at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California, this weekend, along with partners-in-crime Michael Lark (Booth 401H) and Justin Greenwood (Booth 721G).

I’ll be mostly tabling at Booth 401H, where I’ll be sitting with lots of pens, a stack of Lazarus Carlyle patches for sale, and an assortment of books and the like.

Saturday at noon (the website says midnight, but I’m 99.999901% certain that’s incorrect), I’ll be part of a panel with the somewhat embarrassing title, Working with Greg Rucka, moderated by The Smartest Man I Know™ David Brothers. The panel will, I suspect, mostly be Michael and Justin talking about what a royal pain in the ass I am, while David gently goads them on. There will be a Q&A, I’m sure.

For the sake of clarity, I’m repeating my convention policy.

  1. I do not charge for signatures. Ever.
  2. If you buy a book from me, of course I will sign it.
  3. I will ask you to spell your name. I may ask you to spell it multiple times. I will ask you to do this even if your name is “Tom,” because you may be someone who spells it “Tohm.” It could happen. Stranger things have.
  4. I have no limit on what I will sign. That said, if you come to me with a huge stack and there are people in line behind you, I will ask you to allow me to sign in batches of roughly 10 at a time, to allow other people with smaller stacks their turn.
  5. Yes, I will happily sign my novels as well as comics, DVD cases, whatever, with very few exceptions.
  6. I am always happy to chat. If it seems that I’m not happy to chat, it means either: a) I am hungry; b) someone before you was rude; c) you are rude; d) I have to use the bathroom.
  7. As always, Wheaton’s Law is in effect. Please honor it.

Hope to see you there!