Are you in the Bay Area and want to talk about comics? Have I got the place for you. / by Justin Greenwood

Next week there are a lot of great events happening around Image Expo (imagecomics) being in town, including some cool ones for both STUMPTOWN and THE FUSE:


Wednesday, July 1st: STUMPTOWN signing at Mission Comics in San Francisco:

That’s right, Bay Area! Our pal Greg Rucka (ruckawriter) is in town for Image Expo and we’ll be hanging out at missioncomics on Wednesday, talking about our various projects and other comics related topics. The timing is particularly good with the recent release of STUMPTOWN V3 and the start of a new arc (in stores now!) so drop by and get your books signed.

Event starts at 6pm. More details HERE.


Friday, July 3rd: THE FUSE signings and reception/art show at Escapist Comics and TRICKSTER in Berkeley:

4:00 pm-  In honor of the recent release of THE FUSE V2, Escapist Comics is having a signing which will include myself and “special guest”. Who will it be? That’s a secret I’ll take to my grave (or until Friday, whichever comes first).

More details for The Escapist signing here.

7:00 pm- After the signing, there will be a reception/art show at TR!CKSTER (@trickstertrickster), where there will be a bunch of original art on display, most of which from the upcoming THE FUSE #13! So if you want a little sneak peek into the next storyline, it’s a perfect time to drop by and check it out. There will also be exclusive FUSE prints for sale at the event! Lots of fun for everybody.

More details for the TR!CKSTER event here.