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WASTELAND #60,the double-sized epilogue and final issue of the series, goes on sale this week.

‘Before and After Science’ tells the story of what happened just a few years after the Big Wet, as Marcus roams the wasteland searching for his destiny; and deep in a bunker, a certain scientist builds a certain talking machine…

A young man called Marcus wanders the desert, following the call to A-Ree-Yass-I… but what he does there will echo through the world for years. And decades later, a familiar tale will begin.

This is the final capstone on the epic story of WASTELAND, bringing everything full circle. Making it has brought on a cascade of mixed emotions for both myself and Chris; from painful to cathartic to satisfying, and just about everything in between. I talk more about that in the afterword of issue #60 itself. Spoilers: it was all worth it.

With this final issue, we’re also releasing the final song on the WASTELAND Original Soundtrack, ‘I Recall’.

That completes the album of songs I’ve been making to accompany the book since 2006 (!) and you can now buy a high-quality version of the entire soundtrack on Bandcamp. The album purchase includes two bonus tracks, a booklet PDF, unlimited streaming, and high-quality lossless audio formats to download.

I’ve spent the last six months remixing, re-sequencing, and re-recording guitar parts on most of the songs, to make them suitable for high-quality audio. So if you haven’t listened in a while, give it a whirl.

(If you don’t want to buy the album, fear not; you’ll always be able to listen to MP3s for free at thebigwet.com.)

WASTELAND #60 is available from comic stores with the order code JAN151525, and digital readers can find it at Comixology. You can also read a six-page preview at Comic Book Resources.

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