5 Day Art Challenge- Day 4 / by Justin Greenwood

I think today I’m going to put up a bunch of pin-ups/fan art that I’ve drawn over the last few years. It’s always fun to get to riff on someone else’s characters and see what I can come up with. Check out a handful of them below:

I did this one for my pal Dave Dwonch’s CYRUS PERKINS, I think it was used as an incentive reward for his Kickstarter. Another opportunity to play with scrachboard and texture, fun stuff.

I drew this as fanart for Marc Guggenheim’s HALCYON from imagecomics a few years back. Coloring was done by Mark Englert, and I absolutely loved his take on it.

This one is a pin-up I did for my buddy edbrisson for a project that’ll be released later this year. shari (who kills it on colors for our book THE FUSE) actually did an awesome colored version, but I’d have to hunt around to find it.

Here is a pin-up I drew to help promote ryanklindsay and ericxyz’s HEADSPACE, colored by the talented Marissa Louise. SO MUCH material to draw from in this book, made it a lot of fun to put together.

Seemed appropriate enough to put this pin-up for GUERILLAS up, considering elrevel was the one who nominated me for this 5 Day Art Challenge! I had a blast drawing this crew. I think it was published in the extras of Volume 2.

This was a pin-up I drew for my friend Riley Rossmo, characters from his fantastic book DRUMHELLAR. Really enjoyed this comic, hope it comes back one day soon.

One last one, a Kickstarter drawing I did for burthefly ’s BILLY THE PYRO comic. Nick Filardi killed in on the colors, really brought it to life.