THE LAST SIEGE announced at Image Expo! / by Justin Greenwood

Cover colors by Jordan Boyd

Our next book was announced last week at Image Expo in Portland- THE LAST SIEGE is arriving in stores this summer.

Writer Landry Walker and I have been working away at this for some time now so getting the news out there is REALLY exciting, especially at a venue like the Expo. I used to go to these events regularly when they were in the Bay Area so getting to participate and present there was a real bonus and surreal experience. 

This project has proven to be a great opportunity to try out some new storytelling chops and I can't overstate how much fun I've been having. It's a tale of redemption, loss and taking a stand against impossible odds- exactly the kind of story I love to sink my crooked teeth into. Really glad to be working with this creative team as well, pros and friends all.

Writer: Landry Q Walker

Artist: Justin Greenwood

Colorist: Eric Jones

Letterer: Patrick Brosseau

Design: Keith Wood

Editor: Branwyn Bigglestone

Publisher: Image Comics

Check out a few preview pages that were shown at the Expo below.

Really excited to show you more in the coming months! Keep an eye out for more sneak peeks on my Twitter and Instagram.


Promo colors by Brad Simpson

Promo colors by Brad Simpson