LAZARUS X+66 #3 Is Out Today! / by Justin Greenwood


Lazarus X+66 #3 is on stands today! The series is a collection of stand alone issues that are different looks at that dark world and it's awesome, broad cast of characters. This single issue story returns us to Joe and Bobbie and looks at how they've been adjusting to life after the move to San Francisco.

Really glad to have been able to contribute a story to this fantastic series. Being a Bay Area native and fan of the book, it was a great opportunity to jump in the mix with Greg, Neal and crew and tell a story that was right up my alley.

From the solicit:

San Francisco is the jewel in the Carlyle crown, a city of Serfs, comfort, and privilege. It’s where Joe and Bobbie Barrett now make their home. But a gilded cage is a cage all the same, and now Joe and Bobbie must decide what they will do to be Free.

Writer: Greg Rucka, Neal Bailey

Artist: Justin Greenwood

Colors: Santi Arcas

Letters: Jodi Wynne

Publisher: Image Comics

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