STRINGERS Vol.1 TP is on sale this week! / by Justin Greenwood

The wait is over- the collected STRINGERS is on shelves this week from @onipres!

Long in development, this OGN was to be my first original creator-owned book after joining @marcguggenhei on RESURRECTION, and it’s it will always be a project that is close to my heart. It’s an undeniably fun ride that we had an fantastic time working on, and I’m finding that having it finished and available for sale is a very personally gratifying experience.

To quote Marc in the intro: “Ten years is a long time to give birth to an idea. Here’s hoping you tihnk our baby’s cute.”

Click here for solicit info.

In honor of the release, here are some of the original cover ideas we had kicked around before settling on the above finished dressing. I was really interested in designing something sparse, with a feeling of a very focussed, kinetic energy.

The first couple batches in white were the original ideas, but after collaborating with the group, we landed on a more graphic but illustrative version on black. We all really liked the sense of seeing the image through an implied camera window, and wanted to see both our characters and some of the action in the book. This final version seemed like a good pairing of the two, and @onipres designer Hilary Thompson really killed it on the final book design.