THE FUSE #18 and STUMPTOWN #9 on shelves today! / by Justin Greenwood

Two new books out today, both of which are conclusions to really exciting storylines:

THE FUSE #18 from @imagecomics

“Midnight approaches, and the Day of Chaos is almost over. But before the chimes ring out, there’s the small matter of two murders still to solve…!”

Writer: Antony Johnston (@antonyjohnston)

Artist: Justin Greenwood (@justingreenwood)

Colors: Shari Chankhamma (@shari)

Letters: Ryan Ferrier (@rferrier)


STUMPTOWN #9 from @onipress

“The Barista Mafia makes their move as Dex plays “which bean is which” with two over-caffeinated billionaires. The stakes? Over $100K in gold coins… and bragging rights for Portland’s Best Coffee.”

Writer: Greg Rucka (@ruckawriter)

Artist: Justin Greenwood (@justingreenwood)

Colors: Ryan Hill

Letters: Crank!


Very proud of both these books and excited for folks to check them out.

You can check out selected original art from these books on sale on my website HERE.

As always, thanks for reading.