2015: A Snapshot / by Justin Greenwood


I remember talking to my wife when deciding to go freelance a few years back and knowing that 2015 would be the year that kicked my ass. But standing on the tail end of it, I’ll remember it as one I can be proud of, and was only able to manage with help of many good friends and collaborators.

These comics all came out this year. In fairness, some of them had already been in progress and the COTD story was just a 5 pager I did with my pal Landry Walker but still, it represents a lot of drawing this year.

I get nostalgic and reflective in the week between Christmas and New Years, always have. Just wanted to take a minute to thank my partners @antonyjohnston, @ruckawriter and @marcguggenheim, and all the collaborators that make our books great. To my publishers @onipress and @imagecomics, and the hard working teams who work behind the scenes to get these books out. To my wife and family for patiently supporting me as I make my way in this career. 

And an enormous thanks to the retailers and folks who buy our comics and allow us to tell stories for a living. It’s a blessing, and I can speak for everyone when I saw how much we appreciate the support.

Happy New Years, friends.